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Some adventures we've discovered...


    Ski the back country in Jackson Hole for 3 days & two nights.

    Price includes flights, lift ticket, accommodations.

  • SEA -> MOAB, UT

    Three days in Utah backpacking through Moab.

    Price includes flights, camping, guide.


    Three days and two nights exploring the beautiful countryside.

    Price includes flights, cave tour, accommodations.


    Four days surfing and three nights out in Venice Beach.

    Price includes flights, lessons, board rental, accommodations.


    Four days in Sri Lank hiking Adam's Peak

    Price includes flights, guide, accommodations.


Putting together a great adventure getaway can take as much time as the adventure does!

We track deals, work with partners, hunt down excursions, and find hidden gems to craft unique, instagram worth adventures every week.

And then we send you one adventure, made just for you, every week.

What your weekly adventure looks like:

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    We'll reach out to you shortly after signup to ask you some questions about yourself and what you like - this helps us make your adventures as awesome as possible.

  • Adventures inboxed

    After 3-4 days your first custom made Adventure will arrive with a description, photos, and your total trip cost in $USD.

  • Take Flight!

    Each email contains links to our partners to snag your tickets, accommodation, tour / guide / etc. We don't take any cut, so our only incentive is to make sure your adventure ideas are as great as possible.

  • Tell us how we did.

    Was this week's Adventure spot on? Maybe it missed the mark? You can reply to the email to let us know how we did. We are listening!

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  • What exactly is this service?

    Planning an adventure, even a short one, can be really time consuming. We take that over for you, and send you complete adventure ideas every week, custom made for you, probably some awesome things you hadn't even thought of.

  • What does it cost?

    We charge $14.99 for our services. And if you've ever planned a trip or adventure you know that's worth it!

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    Nope, zero effort for you. We send your adventure ideas straight to your email inbox every week.

  • Do you earn a commission on my trip?

    No way! Everything we recommend is for you, and based solely on providing you an awesome adventure experience. We keep you happy and loving your adventures, we keep your business.

  • Will I get generic ideas?

    Not a chance. We build trips uniquely for each one of our users.

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Your 52 Adventures subscription is just $14.99 a month, cancel any time.
Our membership is presently full, request to join our wait list!